Open Your Heart provides financial grants to organizations serving people experiencing hunger and homelessness in Minnesota. The grants are used primarily for improvements to an agency’s infrastructure, new or upgraded equipment, educational resources for children and youth, and systemic efforts to end hunger and homelessness in Minnesota.

Board Structure

Open Your Heart has three staff and a board of 13-21 members. This is a working board, where all board members are engaged in the agency’s work in order to accomplish the mission.  The board is not solely focused on agency governance.  Board members attend bi-monthly board and quarterly grant review meetings, dedicating at least 5 hours per month.

Summary of Position

The Board of Directors governs and carries out the mission of Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless.  Board members are fiscally, legally, and morally responsible for the organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is the duty of each board member to know the budget and take an active part in budget planning and oversight.  The board is responsible for ensuring adequate resources, managing resources effectively, and providing support with fundraising efforts. Board members are expected to support the agency with an annual financial gift at a level that is significant to them.

Legal Responsibility

Each member of the board is legally responsible for the organization. Board members are expected to understand their legal responsibilities and oversee and evaluate organizational policies and procedures.  The board of directors ensures that agency operations are in compliance with law and accepts full responsibility for all conditions, strategies, and policies that govern programs.

Moral Responsibility

It is the duty of each board member to know, understand, and be committed to the mission of the organization. Each board member is expected to govern, plan, and take action based on that mission in its entirety.  The board of directors ensures effective organizational planning, determines and monitors organization progress, makes sure policies and procedures are in place, and assesses the need for services.

Committee Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, board members are expected to work with a small group of people on at least one board committee to accomplish tasks and carry out the agency’s strategic initiatives. Consistent attendance at committee meetings is expected of all board members.

The committees are:

  • Executive
  • Grants Review
  • Strategic Planning Lead
  • Audit and Finance

Time Commitment

Length of commitment: 3-year term from January 1st, 2025 – December 31st, 2027.

Estimate of total hours: At least 5 hours per month, or 60 hours per year, for three years. Board members must attend bi-monthly board meetings, attend quarterly grant review meetings and participate in a strategy group.  Members can expect to spend at least 1-3 hours a month in meetings and several hours outside of meetings completing committee tasks and reviewing meeting materials.

Scheduling: Board of Directors meetings take place on the third Monday of every other month from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM at varying locations. Grant review meetings are quarterly. Meetings scheduled by the strategic planning lead also take place throughout the year as needed. Additional work will need to be completed between meetings.


Applicants must be 18 or older and meet the following qualifications:

  • Black, Brown, Indigenous and people of color, as well as people with lived expertise are encouraged to apply
  • Resident of Greater Minnesota are encouraged to apply – option to participate virtually
  • Previous board experience preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Positive and professional attitude
  • Experience increasing an organization’s local impact
  • Experience increasing an organization’s visibility
  • Experience in identifying new funding sources
  • Commitment to volunteering for at least 5 hours per month for three years
  • Knowledgeable or eager to learn about Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless
  • Knowledgeable or eager to learn about hunger and homelessness in Minnesota


Board members are part of a statewide movement to end hunger and homelessness. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills, and work with a dedicated group of people.  Join this group of hard-working and passionate people who are working together to improve lives across the state of Minnesota.

Selection Process

  1. Email a letter of interest and resume to Kathy Mahoney, Program and Development Associate, at [email protected].
  2. Meet with a board member and OYH executive director for an interview.
  3. Observe a Board of Directors meeting held on Monday, October 21. 
  4. Election of new members will occur during the final board meeting of 2024 on Monday, December 16.
  5. Attend a group orientation to learn about OYH and the issues of hunger and homelessness.
  6. Attend MAP for Nonprofits’ Board Boot Camp training.
  7. Regularly attend and participate at meetings of the Board of Directors and quarterly Grant Review meetings.

Contact Information

Contact Sabrina Spangler, President – Board of Directors, [email protected]