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Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 19. As one of a few basic needs funders in Minnesota, we believe that the availability of food, shelter and safety is essential to the overall well-being of all people. Unless a person experiencing homelessness is able to access a safe, sheltered environment, the essential next steps of housing and self sufficiency are much more difficult to obtain. Please donate to Open Your Heart this Give to the Max Day and join us in making this possible.

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Street outreach supplies help individuals experiencing homelessness in Minnesota stay warm, hydrated, nourished, and safe during the winter months, and will assist with personal hygiene and other basic needs. A $100 donation would provide an unsheltered person with a sub zero degree sleeping bag, winter clothing/gear, bus tokens and fast food gift cards.

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Born to bring light in times of darkness, Macon A Difference supports people by identifying needs and providing a modernized infrastructure for community support. They rebuild through small business relief and consulting services, as well as providing much needed supplies and food to those in need. Ultimately, they are here to establish a sustainable medium through which to keep our communities owned and operated by our fellow neighbors. They are here to bring our cities back better together!

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Due to the increased number of Minnesotans experiencing food insecurity, food shelves are in desperate need of increased capacity. Additional refrigeration enables food shelves to increase the pounds of food accepted, increase the number of people that are served in a safe manner, and cause less loss of food due to spoilage. This project will provide up to twelve food shelves in Minnesota with new Arctic Air stainless steel commercial freezers.

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New mattresses will provide the comfort of home, a good night’s sleep, and other health benefits for men, women, youth, and children experiencing homelessness and residing in a local shelter. $125 covers the cost of one new twin-sized mattress.

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In January 2020, before unemployment caused by COVID-19 made it even harder to pay rents, there were an estimated 8,000 unsheltered people in Minnesota, and only 54 percent were in shelters. Unfortunately, there is just not enough shelter or subsidized housing to meet the ever-growing need. Minnesota counties lack enough shelter beds to meet the local needs of individuals experiencing homelessness resulting in many people staying outside of the formal shelter system because there is nowhere else to go. For those that have made it on a waiting list for subsidized housing, 12 months is the average wait time. Hotel vouchers provide individuals and families unable to access shelter with a safe and warm environment. $1,000 will cover one family for up to two weeks in a hotel.

Questions or project suggestions?

Open Your Heart projects focus on quickly responding to unique or timely issues affecting Minnesotans experiencing hunger and homelessness. If you have any questions or project suggestions, please contact us at 612-338-5577 or [email protected]. To learn more about Macon A Difference please click HERE.


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