Unfortunately, hunger and unsheltered homelessness has increased across the state. With this increase oftentimes comes questions from citizens such as “why is there hunger and homelessness in my community?”, “where are the services for these individuals?”, “what can I do to help?”, and “what is my city doing to help?”. 

Below, Open Your Heart provides resources and strategies for leaders and community members on primary factors leading to hunger and homelessness in our communities and available resources if you or someone you know are in need.

As long as hunger and homelessness continue to exist, we must work collectively to be inclusive and supportive of our neighbors in need, at a time when they need it the most.

Open Your Heart to the hungry and homeless people you encounter on the streets of your town. Recognize that the greatest gift you can offer is yourself: with a smile, a nod of recognition, a hello, spare change, or anything else you are comfortable sharing. 

Explore Open Your Heart’s website to learn about the incredible work going on to enrich the lives of people experiencing food insecurity and homelessness through organizations and communities across Minnesota. And, please consider donating anything you are able either as an individual or through workplace giving. Your contribution enables Open Your Heart to continue making crucial grants and other means of support to organizations in your community – making a real, lasting difference in the lives of those in need.