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In order to increase our impact, Open Your Heart will no longer have a separate annual Education Fund. Funding towards educational purposes will be allocated through Open Your Heart’s quarterly Hunger and Homeless Grant cycles. This will enable us to be more equitable in our grantmaking and ensure we can provide funding to more agencies in need each year.

In the past, an applicant was able to request funding for both the Education Fund and the Hunger and Homeless Grant within the calendar year. That is no longer the case. Each organization can apply to Open Your Heart for funding one time each year.

While OYH is focusing our funding more specifically on programming that furthers educational/employment pursuits we understand the value of school supplies and having these items readily available for students in need.  Therefore, OYH will actively be pursuing partnerships to acquire necessary supplies for your agencies. If you are interested in having your organization be a recipient of our backpack / school supply drive, please let us know at [email protected] and we will provide you with further details at a future date.


Your agency agrees to follow OYH requirements for closing out its grant by submitting your application. By completing the closure form, your agency is assuring OYH that your organization has spent the grant funds in accordance with your original request. The form must be completed and unused funds must be sent to OYH within 45 days of the grant’s use to be in compliance with OYH grant requirements. Directions on how to complete this form will be emailed to you. Your agency must complete this form to be eligible for future funding from OYH.

You can access your grant closure form by logging into the same grant portal that you used to apply for the grant and clicking on the grant that you want to complete the closure form for. Here you will see your closure form with options to view or edit it.

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