Grantee letter: Asian Women United of Minnesota (AWUM)

Mar 6, 2017 | At Open Your Heart

Thank you donors! More women and families will find comfort tonight because of you.

“I am happy to report that15896380_945378215494429_2564857688816398138_o-01 Asian Women
United of Minnesota (AWUM) has completed the use of the generous grant of $7,500 awarded by OYH. As proposed, AWUM staff purchased 24 new bed frames and mattresses for House of Peace Shelter…

Providing new beds to women and children coming to the House of Peace has been such a delight. The old beds were originals from when the shelter opened in 2001 and had suffered major wear and tear…We have gotten great feedback on the comfort of the new beds people are sleeping better and feeling honored that they are able to use brand new (for now!) furniture.

AWUM was pleased to share the news of OYH’s generous grant with our friends and donors. Upon hearing about the new beds, a couple of individual donors asked if they could provide brand new linens for the shelter. We were happy to accept the offer, and now have new sheet sets for each mattress…

It is wonderful to be able to show a woman her room with clean, new bedding. We thank OYH for helping us provide better amenities to women and families who are coming to House of Peace to find relief from harm and fear.” –Asian Women United of Minnesota (AWUM)