Open Your Heart recently provided HOPE with funding toward necessary renovations in HOPE’s safe housing unit which provides safe shelter for individuals, their children, and fur babies who are fleeing domestic violence. Funding will help give families a more comfortable shelter while experiencing a traumatic life event. This funding provides an opportunity to promote healing and safety to families in need.
Mission: HOPE (Healing Opportunity Provided Equally) works to end violence and provide safety through direct services, education, and advocacy to all people experiencing domestic violence.
HOPE Goals: Build a culture to reflect HOPE’s vision and values, providing unity and one voice to end domestic violence in the community. Develop educational opportunities and materials appropriate for multi-age levels. Increase funding to support seamless services to meet the needs of people experiencing domestic violence.
Vision: The local Community partnering to meet the needs of all people experiencing domestic violence.
Thank you, Advocates Against Domestic Abuse dba HOPE, for everything you do!