Open Your Heart recently provided Agate Housing and Services with funding toward lockable storage totes and sets of bedding to help Agate residents and clients stay warm and feel secure both in and outside of their shelters. Storage bins are important to help Agate guests feel secure as they go about their lives. Bedding and mattresses are greatly needed for people’s healthy sleep in the shelter.

Agate is a social advocacy organization committed to ending homelessness.

THEIR VISION is to ensure that every person and family has a stable place to live, with their basic human needs met and a hopeful path ahead.

THEIR MISSION is to end homelessness and relieve hunger through action and advocacy.


INTEGRITY  consistently doing the right thing even if it isn’t the popular thing.

EQUITY – fighting the status quo by actively examining and changing the way things are done to better represent the people who are most impacted by homelessness and hunger.

HUMANITY  understanding how these issues impact us–the community, staff, and the people they work with–as a collective and developing relationships by establishing trust when they put in work to understand the needs of people experiencing homelessness and hunger.

CREATIVITY – responding to the needs of the community with innovative and unique solutions.