Open Your Heart recently provided Alexandra House with funding toward bunk beds and mattresses, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of Alexandra House’s clients and their children as they transition to a life free from violence. Experiencing domestic, sexual, elder violence and human trafficking is a traumatic experience.
The mission of Alexandra House is to empower victims of domestic and sexual violence, and inspire social change through education, support, and advocacy. Funding will support Alexandra House’s commitment to providing a peaceful and comfortable place to live.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Domestic violence thrives when we are silent; but if we take a stand and work together, we can end domestic violence.
Throughout the month of October, you can help Alexandra House raise awareness about domestic violence and join in our efforts to end violence. Awareness months are an easy and effective way for the community to get involved in our work and support Alexandra House. We welcome you to participate in our upcoming events and initiatives. Domestic Violence Awareness Month helps us spread the word about our free and confidential services and also helps us educate our community about this issue. Please visit the link to learn more.
Thank you, Alexandra House, for everything you do!