With support from our generous
donors, Open Your Heart provided the Du Nord Foundation with funding toward a walk-in-cooler, allowing the Du
Nord Foundation to expand and improve access to food resources for our community, with an emphasis on
culturally connected produce. Founded in the wake of the 2020 civil uprising to address racial inequities in the
Twin Cities, with a focus on economic stability. The Du Nord Foundation Community Market is a project of the Du
Nord Foundation and builds a pathway to economic prosperity by addressing our community’s hunger crisis and
providing economic stability, at the individual neighbor level. The broader work of the Du Nord Foundation is to
create systemic change to address economic inequities. The Du Nord Foundation Community Market is a welcoming place for a neighbor to find free, healthy and fresh foods for their table and supplies for their home. It’s a safe place to get groceries, other resources, or a chance to give back in meaningful ways. They want to nourish our neighbors with equity and care. Unlike many traditional
food shelves, they pose no limitations on access. They rely heavily on community support, community input and
try to remove all barriers for those who access their resources. At the Du Nord Foundation Community Market,
neighbors help neighbors-whether that is a volunteer helping to pack food, a donor giving money to support the
space, or a community member receiving food and supplies. “A walk-in cooler will allow us to expand and improve access to food resources for our community. We will be able to offer the items our neighbors are requesting more fresh, high-quality produce. We can store multiple pallet donations of dairy and continue to form unique community partnerships. We also know our neighbors can
benefit from having access to ready-made meals as many are without consistent access to a kitchen, with mobility
challenges, or are dealing with health challenges or other high stress situations. We project a 20% growth pattern
for 2022 and the walk-in cooler allows us to adjust to the increase.” – Du Nord Foundation
To learn more about becoming a neighbor and volunteering with Du Nord Foundation, please visit