Open Your Heart is proud to highlight our grantee partner, Family Rise Together. Understanding that unfortunately, many shelters have no choice but to prioritize operational and program expenses above aesthetics, in 2023, Open Your Heart released a special Request for Proposals (RFP) focused on projects designed to improve and enhance the experience of unhoused families, youth, and single adults.

Through our Shelter Beautification RFP, Open Your Heart provided Family Rise Together with funding toward furnishings that are culturally geared toward BIPOC communities that they serve, creating an inclusive and welcoming space that brings them back to their heritage.

Family Rise Together serves communities disproportionately affected by either socioeconomics or health challenges. Their approach to addressing disparities is to provide a safe environment, responsive to the identified needs of their clients. They are committed to promoting health equity and reducing disparities while educating and breaking the stigma around mental health, disabilities, and homelessness. Their Growing Kinship Connection (GKC) program places a unique focus on engaging BIPOC fathers/father figures to be active in their children’s lives while understanding the historical trauma of slavery and the impact of prison pipeline.

Receiving a grant for culturally specific household items has had a transformative impact on the fathers within Family Rise Together’s housing programs. These items, thoughtfully selected to resonate with the diverse cultural backgrounds of the populations they serve, have not only addressed practical needs but have also fostered a profound sense of connection and dignity among these individuals. For many fathers in their houses, the provision of culturally specific household items represents more than just material support—it signifies a recognition and affirmation of their cultural identity and heritage.

Thank you, Family Rise Together, for everything you do!