Open Your Heart recently provided FOCP with funding toward equipment to better support the staff and volunteers involved in growing youth hunger relief efforts. The growing number of youth/families served requires greater efficiencies in FOCP’s operations while striving to decrease bodily stress on those that make the work possible. This grant will help FOCP improve the quality and increase the quantity of the services they provide.

FOCP was developed in 2010 to fill an important service gap in the greater Mankato area, providing youth hunger relief during out of school hours. The organization has a mission to engage the community in solving youth hunger. They envision a community in which hunger is not a barrier to student success. FOCP fulfills this mission primarily through the work of the Backpack Food Program (serving elementary students), Power Pack Program (serving middle school students), Summer Pack Program (serving K-12 students) and onsite food pantries for High School students. These programs provide youth hunger relief on weekends, school breaks and during the summer months. Collectively, FOCP programs serve over 1,000 students at 34 schools within 6 school districts and 13 communities in the greater Mankato Area.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities can be found by clicking HERE.

Thank you, Feeding Our Community Partners, for everything you do!