Open Your Heart provided Grace House with funding to support youth in area schools experiencing homelessness or in transitional housing by creating pathways for improved access and academic success. The funds will support a student’s ability to participate in extra-curricular activities and school-related events, such as a fee for field trips, proper clothing for an event or sports activity, and
most importantly, learning supplies, books or anything a homeless student needs to be successful. Grace House is a nonprofit
organization that provides safe, temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness. As Itasca County’s only homeless
shelter, Grace House typically serves more than 200 individuals and children each year.
Grace House guests may stay at the shelter for up to 30 days if needed to focus on developing life and job skills that enable them
to become more self-sufficient in the community. The shelter is equipped with an on-site mini resources center where guests can
access employment and housing opportunities. Private office spaces afford guests the opportunity to meet with Grace House’s
trained staff and other professionals in a private, confidential setting. Thank you, Grace House, for everything you do!