Happy Monday & Happy Back to School Month! Today’s Grantee Monday highlight is about one of our 2020 Education grantees, Hired! Open Your Heart provided funding to Hired to help provide laptop computers and other resources so homeless Hired participants can continue their schooling despite the disruption of the pandemic.

Founded in 1968, Hired was created to build a pathway for previously incarcerated individuals to gain employment, achieve economic stability and avoid recidivism. Today their work has grown considerably and serves additional populations across the Twin Cities; their mission is to nurture purpose and advance economic opportunity for all through individualized employment and career services. Hired has worked with youth populations for over 20 years, including young parents on MFIP and justice-involved young people, such as gang and gun-involved youth, homeless/highly mobile youth and more. Across all of their youth programs, Hired serves some 600 young people annually.

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