Open Your Heart recently provided Homeless Helping Homeless with funding toward 25-bed bug and fire-resistant mattresses for new sleeping rooms in their St. Cloud low-barrier shelter.

Homeless Helping Homeless members help each other find resources for food, clothing, transportation, housing, and employment. They have no dues or paid staff. Their officers and volunteers are mostly fellow members trying as best they can to help each other out. They depend mostly on in-kind donations of rides, household items, furniture, and gift cards.

Their members who have cars have given hundreds of rides since February which has enabled others to get to food shelves, community meals, shelters, job interviews, medical appointments, and housing applications. Their members network with each other to inform others of job openings at their place of employment or apartment vacancies in their complexes.

In an emergency, some will offer a couch in their place or a tent or sleeping bag. They also provide furniture and household items to those moving into apartments. They have had numerous one-on-one self-employment consultations that have already resulted in one lawn care business start-up. Their members have helped one another get cell phones, I.D.’s, and places to store stuff.

Thank you, Homeless Helping Homeless, for everything you do!