Open Your Heart is proud to highlight our grantee partner, Ivy House. Understanding that unfortunately many shelters have no choice but to prioritize operational and program expenses above aesthetics, at the end of 2023, Open Your Heart released a Special Request for Proposals focused on projects designed to improve and enhance the experience of unhoused families, youth, and single adults.

Through this funding, the goal was to support organizations in aesthetically enhancing their shelter space to create a more welcoming, safe, and dignified environment. Ivy House received funding through this special project to replace their current front door, paint/wall art/new furniture for three kids’ rooms, and new security cameras.

Ivy House is a 24/7 crisis nursery providing direct care to children ages 0-12 whose families are in crisis or stressful situations. They provide care for up to 72 hours and walk with families as they find themselves in crisis. Ivy House exists as a resource for families in the community who need help. Their childcare providers are trained and ready to care for children in the most loving way. They understand parenting is hard, it’s ok to ask for help.

With the support of Open Your Heart, Ivy House was able to complete projects that have been on their list since they opened their doors. They now have a new and beautiful front door which offers better security and curb appeal. And speaking of security, they now have three new security cameras to give staff and families a peace of mind.

“We are so thankful for the support and making our shelter more beautiful and safer!”
– Ivy House

Thank you, Ivy House, for everything you do!