With support from our generous donors, Open Your Heart provided L&F Housing, Inc. with funding to add a shower to the bathroom on the first floor of Olive Branch House.

L&F Housing, Inc. is a non-profit that exists to support the physical upkeep of the four houses that make up the Loaves and Fishes Community.  This community has offered hospitality to folks experiencing homelessness in Duluth since 1989. The L&F Community is entirely volunteer-run and is in the Catholic Worker tradition which receives no government funding.

Olive Branch House offers hospitality to both live-in and drop-in guests who identify as women as well as families.  Currently, the house has only one shower on the second floor, which is used by as many as 18 guests and live-in volunteers.  Adding a second shower on the first floor will give drop-in guests safe and private access to hygiene facilities in addition to the meals, laundry, conversation, and housing support that are currently being provided.   Most of their drop-in guests are coming in directly off the streets, overcrowded shelters, or tents.

Thank you, Loaves and Fishes Housing, Inc., for everything you do!