With support from our generous donors, Open Your Heart provided MACV with funding to provide comprehensive services to Veterans experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Minnesota. Founded in 1990, Minnesota Assistance Council fo
Veterans (MACV) is the largest agency solely dedicated to serving Veterans experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Minnesota. Initially established by a Twin Cities VFW Post to support transitional housing for 13 Veterans, MACV now annually provides comprehensive services to over 1,700 individuals and families. MACV’s commitment to serving Veterans has made them a leader in the local and national movement to end Veteran homelessness. MACV provides both prevention and intervention-focused programming to comprehensively address Veteran homelessness. Their innovative programs address the housing, legal, and employment needs of low-income Veterans throughout Minnesota. Staff form collaborative, empowering relationships with Veterans
and their loved ones which focus on addressing the immediate crises and underlying barriers sabotaging their wellbeing. Thank you MACV for everything you do!