Open Your Heart provided Mi C.A.S.A. with funding toward a pallet jack. Every month, Mi C.A.S.A. offers drive-through food distribution to those in need in the Shakopee area. They provide thousands of pounds of food that feed hundreds of families in the community. This food is distributed by and for their community. No registration or pre-registration is required, and it is free and open to everyone.
A new pallet jack will help Mi C.A.S.A. to complete their food donation activities in a safe and efficient way!
The purpose of Mi C.A.S.A. is to build an organization by and for Latinos that provides cultural and linguistic services while advancing social and economic equity and wellbeing of our Latino community, while building upon and supporting their strengths and culture. The corporation will create leaders and agents of change to impact local and systematic changes that help build, uplift, and activate the community.
Thank you, Mi C.A.S.A., for everything you do!