With support from our generous donors, Open Your Heart provided New Oil with funding in support of their Succes Starts Here program. This program makes employment for those experiencing homelessness accessible, which is oftentimes not the case. 

Four times a week, New Oil staff drive their refurbished semi-truck (as pictured below) to encampments and various vacant properties where people are sheltering to provide meals and access to their Success Starts Here program. Through this program, individuals experiencing homelessness are provided onsite background checks and connections to jobs, specifically CDL which is a union position. In addition to providing uniforms and connections to employers, New Oil provides support throughout and beyond the transition. They work directly with the employers and vouch for the individuals they serve, as many have backgrounds that may cause a potential employer to overlook them. 
In addition to bringing the Success Starts Here program directly to the people they serve, they also bring a food truck and provide over 300 meals each day. Both the Success Starts Here program and their food distribution is staffed by individuals with lived experience. Open Your Heart is proud to support New Oil as they innovatively remove barriers for our neighbor’s experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. 

Thank you, New Oil Christian Center, for everything you do!