With support from our generous donors, Open Your Heart provided Partners for Housing with funding to address a flooring issue at their Theresa House shelter in St Peter.  Partners for Housing believe it is essential that affordable housing and temporary shelter be available to those in need. The public interest is best served when all citizens have the opportunity to properly house themselves and their families in comfort and safety, and the cost of housing should not disproportionately deplete the already stretched finances of the poor and homeless.

Deep-rooted in the community since 1984, Partners for Housing serves the housing needs for vulnerable populations. The organization owns and operates a number of site housing facilities that provide different housing options. In addition to their emergency shelters, Theresa House, Union Street Place and Welcome Inn, they provide transitional and permanent affordable housing options to homeless and/or at-risk individuals and families in the Mankato area.

Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports people experiencing homelessness in Blue Earth, Nicollet and surrounding counties.

Thank you, Partners for Housing, for everything you do!