Open Your Heart provided PHC with funding toward a double wide commercial freezer and stainless-steel food preparation table. A new freezer will increase storage space, ensuring that PHC can provide generous and healthy meals to community members in need.

PHC nourishes its members’ bodies and souls by providing a safe space for economically marginalized women and men. PHC enriches the lives of its members, volunteers and students by offering a place to belong for everyone who comes through its doors.

Their next big event will be their holiday party on Thursday, December 22. They will distribute 200 gift bags to community members containing winter clothing, health items, and bus passes. They will also have special food and a group celebration time. The party is an annual event on the Thursday before Christmas Day.

They have several volunteer opportunities:

They can always use volunteers who are willing to sit with community members to just chat and get to know them, or to use special skills they have that would benefit the community. They currently have volunteers who give hand massages, haircuts, manicures, repair bikes, or help community members create artwork. PHC’s mission creates a welcoming and vibrant community, so they will always welcome volunteers who want to join the community and make their members feel welcome. The time commitment is flexible, but most volunteers are onsite for about four hours one day a week.

As they develop their plans to meet the escalating needs they see in our community, they are also looking for Board members who can help with planning, locating and acquiring resources, and making PHC more known to the general public. They would love to have volunteers who have specific knowledge in areas that could benefit PHC such as estate planning, graphic design, maintenance, finances, and so on. If you are looking for a behind the scenes role and are willing to share your knowledge, they would love to meet you.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Marti at [email protected]or 612-870-7263.

Thank you, Peace House Community, for everything you do!