Through help from our generous supporters, Open Your Heart provided People Incorporated with funding towards food, water, socks, and blankets during the initial coronavirus outbreak. These basic survival necessities were loaded up into backpacks and trekked into wooded areas and underpasses to hand out to people experiencing homelessness in encampments in the Twin Cities.

The Homeless Outreach team at People Incorporated meets people where they are at and help them to connect to the community resources they need. Being able to offer some relief through food and hygiene supplies not only brings comfort, but it allows the Homeless Outreach workers to build trust and
relationships with these individuals by visiting them on a regular basis.

People Incorporated is an innovative community provider of vital integrated behavioral and mental health services since 1969. It has a long history as the largest nonprofit in the Twin Cities providing a full range of therapeutic inpatient and outpatient services for people with the greatest need and is constantly innovating and creating new programs and services for people living with mental illness and addiction.