Open Your Heart is proud to highlight our grantee partner, Relationship Safety Alliance (RSA). Thanks to generous supporters like you, Open Your Heart provided RSA with funding toward bus passes, taxi, Uber, and Lyft credits for residents of the emergency shelter and for clients requiring transit for needed services.
Sometimes there is a cloud that comes over our lives. It shadows us and we can’t seem to find a place of warmth, safety and support. We need shelter from the torrent—help braving the storm. The Relationship Safety Alliance (RSA) is the umbrella that covers you. RSA is an alliance of services joining together to help you safely through your journey. The Louise Seliski Shelter provides housing for those in emergency need. The Alex & Brandon Child Safety Center facilitates safe visitations and safe exchanges among families. Simple descriptions of life-saving endeavors. RSA safeguards those whose storm has not yet cleared.
Funding from Open Your Heart for transportation will enable more people to utilize RSA’s services and have greater access to community. Opportunities for employment, education, medical and recreation will open to people with transportation barriers. It will create a greater independence and autonomy for people experiencing relationship violence and assist them in building a better life.
Thank you, Relationship Safety Alliance, for everything you do!