Open Your Heart provided Ruth’s House with funding to replace dressers (20) in all residents’ rooms. Ruth’s House, a domestic violence shelter, strives to make residents’ stays as comfortable, safe, and supportive as possible as they face significant change and challenges in building better lives.  New coordinating dressers will be mounted safely to the walls and provide residents with inviting, comfortable, and safe placement of their clothing and other belongings.

“Ruth’s House of Hope in Faribault has enjoyed and benefited greatly from our partnership with Open Your Heart. Open Your Heart has assisted in a variety of ways to help Ruth’s House residents feel more comfortable.  New mattresses, an updated security system, and new freezers are just a few of the ways that Open Your Heart has made our clients feel safer and more at home.   Our latest grant in 2022 will allow us to purchase new dressers for all of our rooms to replace old dressers that are beaten up or falling apart.’

‘The families and individuals who come to Ruth’s House are in crisis and often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs.   Most have mental health or substance abuse challenges.  Children suffer the impacts of crisis in many ways.  Ruth’s House relies on Open Your Heart to help update and improve our shelter so that we can continue to create an environment more conducive for residents to heal and move forward with their lives.   We operate on a shoe-string budget and appreciate all of the ways that Open Your Heart has made our jobs and the lives of our residents easier.” – Ruth’s House of Hope 

Ruth’s House is always looking for volunteers.  Ways to help include a front desk receptionist, maintenance tasks, childcare, and office assistant.  Supplies needed include dish sponges, Lysol spray and wipes, dryer sheets, caffeinated ground coffee, non-alcoholic mouthwash, pint, gallon, and sandwich bags, C & D batteries, and Fabuloso Floor Cleaner. 
Thank you, Ruth’s House of Hope, for all you do!