Open Your Heart provided Sojourner with funding to help provide children that stay in their shelter with school supplies, clothing, and resources needed to pursue their education and smoothly transition into a new school and peer group.

Sojourner has been providing emergency shelter, legal advocacy and supportive services to those victimized by domestic and sexual violence for over 40 years. Their mission is to advocate for increased victim safety, support the transition from victim to survivor and educate for the prevention of domestic violence. Sojourner’s services are free, confidential, and offered in more than 17 communities in western Hennepin County. Most of the children that arrive at Sojourner Shelter have virtually nothing and have left behind everything familiar to them including their home, school, and family. In order to prepare children for their new school, Sojourner strives to provide each child with the resources necessary for academic success, as well as to ensure the children are not at an emotional disadvantage. Thank you Sojourner Project for all that you do for women and children escaping domestic violence and trauma.

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