Open Your Heart provided The Camden Collective with funding toward a pallet jack with scale and shelving units. The Camden Collective is a group of like-minded people collaborating on how to serve and bring access to resources to the Camden community in North Minneapolis. The Camden Collective brings together neighbors to serve neighbors. They also provide a space for other organizations and people who want to support their mission with their time and resources.
For the past two years The Camden Collective has run a weekly, outdoor food distribution in the parking lot of a North Minneapolis Church. They wanted to move the distribution indoors and build a food shelf space which they could use to expand their opening hours. A pallet jack will enable The Camden Collective to move pallets around after they are delivered so they can get food inside with less physical exertion from staff and volunteers. Shelving units will increase indoor food shelf space.
Thank you, The Camden Collective, for the work you do!