Open Your Heart provided The Link. with funding toward supplies for youth experiencing homelessness served by The Link’s Street Outreach Program, C.O.R.E. Drop-In Center, and Hotel Emergency Shelter.

Funding from Open Your Heart will enable The Link’s Street Outreach team to purchase both ongoing and seasonal items for youth that can be difficult to obtain through donation drives. These include bus and gas cards, food gift cards, and culturally specific hygiene supplies. As many youth live in their vehicles due to a lack of shelter, auto supply store gift cards are critical to ensuring youth can make needed repairs to their cars. Additionally, as the cold winter months approach, The Link’s Street Outreach team will provide sub-zero degree sleeping bags, four-season tents, and hotel vouchers to help youth stay as safe and warm as possible until they can access appropriate housing.

Quote from Maggie Nagle: “We are so grateful for Open Your Heart’s funding support! This winter, your support is helping The Link provide youth and young families experiencing homelessness, both on the streets and in shelters in the Twin Cities, with vital and urgent needs for youth and their dependent children to stay safe. This includes car seats, tents, sleeping bags, gas cards, bus cards, or even auto repairs for youth living out of their cars. This enables our staff to help provide vital basic needs supplies for youth and young families’ safety during the winter months, until they are able to access permanent housing with the support of The Link’s staff.”    

Thank you, The Link, for everything you do!