Open Your Heart is proud to highlight our grantee partner, The Real Minneapolis. Thanks to generous supporters like you, Open Your Heart provided The Real Minneapolis with funding toward transportation expenses incurred by their Tiny Diner Food Distribution Program.

The Real Minneapolis cultivates multi-generational hope, health and healing. They respond to the most pressing needs in the most disinvested communities, in real time. They have distributed more than 50,000 meals to hungry Minnesotans — and about 1,750,000 ounces of water since late 2020. Currently, they distribute 500 meals a week. And to clarify, this is hardcore street outreach, one meal at a time, directly into the hands of community members (versus dropping off 200 at a time somewhere or distributing from a food shelf or building). They do this year-round regardless of weather or conditions, and their food distro programming has never been funded; they rely on volunteers and very slim community funds.

The Real Minneapolis’ BIPOC team has lived experience of transformative recovery from homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, and hunger. Not only will this grant from Open Your Heart provide necessary funding for expenses to distribute more than 25,000 meals, but it will also help to provide jobs, economic development, education, mentorship and support for community members coming out of homelessness so that they don’t have to be hungry or homeless again.

Thank you, The Real Minneapolis, for everything you do!