Open Your Heart provided Two Harbors Area Food Shelf (THAFS) with funding toward a glass door freezer, allowing for easy ‘client choice’. This piece of equipment will allow Two Harbors to fully embrace the ‘client choice’ model of distribution and will improve their overall ability to meet the needs of the community by allowing them to best offer frozen items that are often the most desired by shoppers.

THAFS has been serving the area in Lake County since 1982. THAFS applied and was granted 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status in October 2014, with the mission to “Reduce hunger and improve the health of people in need by providing food and other resources at no cost”. THAFS operates with a seven-member Board of Directors as well as staff support. THAFS is open for food distribution Tuesdays from 10:00am – 3:45pm, serving an average of 125 households each month.

THAFS has been a full service “shopping model” food shelf, however during the COVID 19 Pandemic they have shifted to curbside pick-up model. If a person/family has an emergency situation contact them.

Thank you, Two Harbors Area Food Shelf, for everything you do!