Open Your Heart is proud to highlight our grantee partner, Women of Nations (WON).

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Open Your Heart provided WON with funding toward school supplies for children experiencing homelessness as a result of domestic violence and sexual assault.

WON provides culturally-specific emergency services and support to all who have experienced trauma from domestic violence and sexual assault. They empower Native American communities to put an end to all forms of violence through education and prevention. Children make up a large part of WON’s service population and children’s education is a significant concern for both the parents and the organization for most of the year. All public schools require students to bring their own supplies and most require children to provide supplies to the school.

Post-pandemic, WON is operating at full capacity, striving to rebuild its services despite facing a school supply shortage due to an influx of students. Economic instability, inflation, and minimal government funding have strained the organization’s budget, making it challenging to acquire crucial supplies for its students. WON’s parents and those adults who are seeking education simply cannot afford these things. In alignment with our fundamental value of addressing unmet needs, the funding from Open Your Heart plays a crucial role in meeting those specific needs.

Thank you, Women of Nations, for everything you do!