Open Your Heart recently provided WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP) with funding toward rent for the Redwood County Safe House and Safe Housing Vouchers for WRAP clients. This funding will provide access to local, safe and immediate emergency housing options for victims of domestic violence and/or sex trafficking/exploitation within the rural counties of Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood & Yellow Medicine located in Southwest Minnesota.
WRAP was established to: Provide emergency housing, support groups, educational activities, information and referral services for individuals and their children. Seek to eliminate the roots of violence by confronting sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, ageism, and albinism within ourselves and the socio-economic and political systems. Act both as personal and group advocates. Develop and maintain associations with health, social service, law enforcement, criminal justice, and legal service providers, with the objective of alleviating the problem of domestic violence. Provide community education, volunteer opportunities, and training on domestic violence and related issues.
Thank you, WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP), for everything you do!