2019 –
Open Your Heart provided YouthLink MN with funding to help remove barriers towards obtaining a GED for homeless youth, a crucial step in breaking the crisis cycle that leads to long-term homelessness.

For over 40 years, YouthLink MN has been a safe and supportive place of refuge for young people experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities. In 2017, 196 youth worked toward an educational goal with our Education Navigator with 82 working toward a GED. Thank you for all that you do in our community YouthLink MN, we are proud to partner with you!

2018 –
YouthLink was one of our 2018 Education grantees and received funding from Open Your Heart to help provide GED classes and education support for homeless youth. Financial support towards educational needs enables YouthLink to support more homeless youth by removing barriers towards educational attainment. Helping them to build the skills and tools they need to escape poverty.

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