Churches United in Ministry (CHUM)

April 2019

In April 2019, Open Your Heart awarded CHUM with funding to create a warm space in the shelter vestibule that people experiencing homelessness can access during the sub-zero winter temperatures and inclement weather. Discussing the impact it’s already had on the organization, a staff member stated:

“Many of our shelter guests are dealing with mental illness and addiction issues and they do not sleep. At night, many want to leave the shelter, knowing our rule that if you leave you are out for the night. The grant from Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless provided a new locking mechanism for our inside front door. During the overnight, the inside door locks provide a safety barrier between people in the vestibule (who may be intoxicated or violent) and shelter staff. The vestibule provides a warm and safe space that people can access during the night when weather is bad. Your funding has also allowed us to purchase a bench for the vestibule and shelving to efficiently store shelter, drop-in center, and street outreach supplies. Thank you so much for providing this grant. You have directly helped our shelter guests and staff and we deeply appreciate your support!”