Open Your Heart this Mother’s Day!

May 1, 2017 | At Open Your Heart

Tonight, 15,000 Minnesotans are homeless. For women, domestic violence is the number one cause of homelessness. While Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank that special woman or women, in your life, it is also a chance to honor the women who are overcoming major adversities and are determined to carve out a meaningful life for themselves and their families. This Mother’s Day, honor a mother in your life by doing what they do every day: making the world a better place.

For 31 years, Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless has focused solely on ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable Minnesotans have the most basic of needs: Food. Shelter. Safety. From inner city shelters to rural domestic violence centers; suburban food shelves to Indian Reservations; Open Your Heart helps.

“The new security system increases both safety and the feeling of security, which is invaluable to women who come through our doors looking to make a better life for themselves and their children.”
– Ruth’s House of Hope

Over the years we have spent millions – nearly all donations from fellow Minnesotans – in every corner of the state, wherever the need is the greatest. We ensure that Minnesotans who, for whatever reason, are hungry, homeless or unsafe, have adequate supportive shelter, nourishing food, and a safe place to rebuild their lives.

This Mother’s Day, please consider making a contribution in honor of a mother in your life and help us carry out our important mission. When you shower moms with love on May 14th, also honor the women struggling throughout Minnesota and help provide the most basic of needs to the poorest and most vulnerable members of our community. In difficult and uncertain times, those in need, more than ever, depend on caring and compassionate people like you.

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Download a printable insert you can send to a mother in your life here: Mother’s Day Card Open Your Heart Printable

Or download an image version that you can send by email here: Mother’s Day Card Open Your Heart Image (Right click on the image and ‘Save image as…” to download.)


Ed Murphy
Executive Director
[email protected]