Open Your Heart provided Street Voices of Change (SVoC) with funding toward bus tokens so that people experiencing homelessness can attend two weekly meetings and make meaningful change for themselves and their community.

SVoC is a group of individuals who have current or past personal experiences with homelessness who come together to build community and make positive changes in the lives of people experiencing homelessness and the systems that contribute to and keep people in homelessness.

SVoC started in September of 2016 with a dozen folks in one church and has since grown to include multiple meetings at different member congregations of Align Minneapolis. The meetings are places where people invest in and empower each other to build a loving community that recognizes the trauma of homelessness and seeks to restore dignity in every aspect of the experience.

Street Voices of Change is a place that builds power among people who are too often punished for speaking up for themselves. In large supportive groups, Street Voices members have created spaces where their voice and input are not only heard but sought out. Working together, SVoC continues to elevate the agency of people experiencing homelessness to positively affect their circumstances.

Thank you, Street Voices of Change, for everything you do!